Thursday, May 28, 2009

Who's a Good Boy? Charlie's a Good Boy!

This dog here, Charlemagne, is one of a kind. Okay, well maybe not one of a kind, but I am pretty sure not every owner is as clever as my Liz who is training her GERMAN shepherd in GERMAN, who's name is CHARLEMAGNE, and who's personal catch phrase is "H√ľndinnen Liebe Me". Love him.

Also, brought my marketing students to a family theme park for some fun and to talk with the Director of Marketing. It was pretty much a rainy day, I did a crazy sky-rocket-bungy-thing, but I fell in love with this old carousel there and wanted to get a shot of it. This is the oldest horse on it, and I believe it is from the early 1900s, probably should have taken a picture of the sign so I knew all the details.

1 comment:

  1. It's the oldest and longest running carousel in the world I believe.
    Charlie is sure a cutie.Tell Liz she can bring him up here to play with my schnauzers.They LOVE having other dogs visit and everyone plays very nicely!!! Well except for Beezer who really cannot understand why we won't just let her eat one of the bunnies.JUST ONE!!!