Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cake and Cupcakes

This is a first of a many things. Let's play the never have I ever game! Never have I ever made a three-tiered cake. Never have I ever experimented with different types of cake (i.e., bottom layer is rainbow chip, middle is white, and top is strawberry).Never have I ever used multiple frostings on one cake (i.e., the top and bottom is whipped cream colored pink and green, the middle is rainbow chip). Never have I ever piped decoration onto a cake.

But why, oh why, did I make this cake? Reason is still undecided, I originally had visions of a topsey, turvey, wonky, crazy cake for the Fall into a Wonderland of Reading book fair, however, that would require much more experience than I had, so this is where I am starting! I MUST sign up for cake decorating classes, just like my best friend Courtney took! Therefore, I believe I am going to use this as a surprise for my marketing students tomorrow.

Anyway, I had extra batter and frosting therefore I made a few cupcakes and played with some more decoraring techniques. I must admit everything is out of a box or a can! While I had ambitions to bring this all together, time still is a factor so this is what I came up with Sandra Lee style. If you don't know Sandra Lee, that means it's semi-homemade and the semi- part comes into play because I added food coloring! I think I get points for baking the cake too, instead of buying a ready made one, right? Whoa, too much talking going on. Enjoy my designs below!

This one kind of reminds me of a kind of variety of chrysanthemum... Like my laptop staging area?

Friends forever <3

The garden with the brain...

The last of my favorite techniques...


  1. Very pretty,Linz. I love the 3 different layers in the cake. Looks like a lot of fun.
    Miss you.Hope you can come here soon.

  2. Fun! love the colors and techniques and your photography is getting better and better! Yummy. How long did they last?