Monday, May 4, 2009

Fall into a Wonderland of Reading

Fall into a Wonderland of Reading
That was the theme that my marketing students agreed upon for this year's book fair. It was a major responsibility for the class to take on the promotional and visual merchandising aspects of the fair, and though it may have not come easy, throughout the book fair I received rave reviews from faculty, staff and students about how impressive it was. In fact, most say "it's the best one ever". I thought I'd share some highlights of my students' work. I have so say I am very proud of the students in my class, I cannot believe my time with them is almost done, I hope they learned something from me.


Visual Merchandising:

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  1. It looks like they did a very creative and thorough job! The perspective on the "drink me" picture is very appropriate because it looks like an enormous display instead of a table display.