Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Photoshop Lessons

During my internship (year or so ago), I got to design and implement a few Photoshop lessons. I showed the students how to use lassos, colorize, combine photographs, create photo masks, use the cloning tool and probably a few more things. Below are the materials from one lesson. The first photo is a an original picture that I took on a family camping trip. I then scoured the internet and borrowed someone else's picture of a butterfly (sorry, can't site, don't remember, but thanks for it!). Then using the above tools I showed the students how to make the third picture. Neat, huh?


+borrowed photograph


This next lesson was more about masking and creating objects in Photoshop. Again, first is a borrowed photograph of a beautiful horse running on a beach. I chose horses because a few of my nieces love them. Keep in mind, for the following creation I used the same exact photograph I just masked, rotated, and enlarge. The whole point of the mask is that I never cropped the photograph, leaving it in its original state should I need to easily fix it. This lesson also makes use of a textured background, multiple shape objects, and dropping shadows to create the polaroid frame.

borrowed photograph + lots of work


Hmm... I think I might do something more with these polaroid frames, they are kind of trendy right now....

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  1. You are frickin' awesome. (You can delete this comment when the money people come headhunting!)