Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New background!

You may have noticed by new background! Yes, I am so excited I figured it out today. What I did was create my own block in illustrator using the orchids I had drawn before for a pattern for the background which by itself looks like this, uploaded it to Photobucket and then used Dreamweaver to figure out the appropriate code and spot to slip into the html editing section of the blog. Yay! I just love how my black and white orchids float on the background now. So, if you ever want help creating your own custom background, I'm your girl! I'm still learning how to use Dreamweaver, though, and I have a feeling its going to take some time before I could launch anything real, but you know what they say, baby steps-- yay for backgrounds!

P.S. Orchids are my one of my favorite types of flowers!

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day! (I'm not sending you orchids. Blake?)