Monday, February 2, 2009

For Kimberly...

My sister Kimberly has a website as well. She is in the dog breeding business currently, but pretty much knows anything there is to do with animals. So, a while back when I started pretending to be a graphic designer, I made her a banner [unsolicited] and sent it to her. She is kind enough to actually use it as an intro for her site where she sells her miniature schnauzer puppies.


See my little bouncy ball and how one little doggy has slightly tilted its head that is oh-so-cute? Ooh, and the tagline was me too. I decided on boxy dogs for one real reason and that is because pen tool was not entirely my friend at that time and would not give me nice doggy curves, so I just consider it a style. Of course, pen tool has slowly become my friend as you see with my orchids on the blog's banner.

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