Thursday, July 9, 2009


There is a story behind this mini-obsession with salt: Liz and I were hosting a Lethal Luau a little while back (that's a Hawaiian-themed murder mystery dinner party) and the main course was to be pork barbecue which called for black Hawaiian salt. We SEARCHED EVERY STORE possible with no luck, though I was pretty confident I had seen it back up north. And I did. And here it is. So, since my best girl recently got hit by a car and survived, I thought I would send her a little present. And this is how I made it. Love her lots. Thank you, God.

Therefore, here's a little DIY to make this present so much better than giving her a bags of salt (which since I was on a hunt for black I decided to get a few other Hawaiian varieties...

Step 1: Buy the salt.

Step 2: Buy super-cute jars.

Step 3: Make fun labels for super-cute jars.

Step 4: Place fun labels on super-cute jars.

Step 5: Fill fun-labeled super-cute jars with salt.

Step 6: Enjoy!

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