Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fender Bender Cupcake Carnage

What you see here is deliciousness...
Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes with Bailey's Irish Cream frosting (left) and Vanilla Bean Cream Cheese frosting (right). I made them in three different sizes, filled the larger ones with frosting in addition to what is seen on top. I initially saw the recipe months ago on a blog that I regularly read and had been dreaming about them and searching for a reason to make them. I had a friend's birthday come up and decided that these would perfect for the occassion! Normally I don't even think to share recipes on this, however, I have received nothing but rave reviews so I included the links above- I take no credit for the recipes, I just made what you see.

But, I will take credit for this idea below... I made a cardboard "pint glass" as a cupcake stand! Lighting was not so good in the bar, but I abhor my flash. Fellow party-goers then suggested making "pint cakes" so now I am in search of tempered pint glasses that can go in an oven, any thoughts?

Did I mention that on the way to the birthday party I got in a car accident? I spent so much time baking these cupcakes and piping the frosting, only to have them thrown about my cupcake carrier (love it) in my car. Therefore party presentation- not so good, taste- loved by all, story of their delivery- priceless.

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  1. Love the cliffhanger--damage to Linds? damage to the Yars? must assume not nearly as bad as the cupcakes lol You are most clever with the Guinney contraption! xxoo (Glad you are okay! btw)