Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy Birthday to Pam

I think I love wrapping presents almost as much as I love searching for them and giving them away. For Pam's Birthday today, we knew we wanted to get her stemless wine glasses (she had mentioned she wanted some) and of course you know you cannot buy someone wine glasses without buying a bottle of wine. But as I was seeking out a bottle of wine I saw this BOX of wine and thought it was so cool looking (I am a sucker for packaging) and really this box is a better option for Pam who is the only drinker in her household.

Then, as I was perusing the store, I spotted these roses and I fell in love with the color and had to get them. It was only after I brought them home did I really figure out my neat way of incorporating them (I inserted green floral water tubey things into the handle of the wine box). As for the stemless wine glasses (which were boxed up) I wanted the "wrapping" to match my box-o-wine so I scrounged around and found an old Trader Joe's grocery bag which read "PLEASE RECYCLE THIS BAG" and I said "Okay, I will do you one better and REUSE it first, then recycle it." Don't you like the illustrations on the bag? I cut out a fork to use in a future project and may specifically return to Trader Joe's just for more bags (I guess I should pick up some macarons while I'm there). So, I wrapped the box for the most part but wanted to use the handle because I thought it was a neat feature, and I left the top open and it looked like a bag. I filled it with recycled crinkle paper to finish the look. Overall, I was happy with the design.

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