Saturday, March 19, 2011

Waffle House = Our House

My mother is magical. I happen to say that I did not have a waffle maker and magically one appeared on my doorstep three days later. So this morning we had waffles! And bacon. Must have bacon. I tried making maple bacon but it wasn't as good as the candied bacon we had last weekend, so I am going to have to try again with MORE candied bacon and take pictures of it before I eat it (if that is possible)....

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  1. There is this place down the street from where I live (in Australia) and they have the best French Toast, which is kind of like waffles but way better, so therefore this is relevant. They serve it with "crispy" bacon, although I've found that "crispy" bacon in Australia means a piece of ham heated up. Also with caramelized bananas. It's pretty damn good, you should come to Australia. Also, I follow your blog and now I am commenting. You do not follow mine (via Google Friend Connect), and the last time you commented on one of my posts was like 2 years ago. Shame shame!