Sunday, March 29, 2009


First of all, a certain someone said something about the crumbs on my cake platter so I had to do a re-do of the photograph. Notice, there are two more slices gone (I had to convince a total stranger to take a piece last night and then I had another this afternoon). I am bringing this into work tomorrow to share with the faculty.

Second of all, I made it to the second item of my ambitious list, coconut chicken fingers and tangy apricot sauce.

I attempted to do a double layer for extra crispiness, but things didn't work out so well I believe because I baked these babies. So, see below I have my preparation line....

And, the final product!

Third of all, I will make strong attempts at making my Alice in Wonderland sugar cookies this week, but the rest of my night is dedicated to grading homework, classwork, and projects!